The Poly-what?

A polymath is an exceptional individual whose knowledge knows little bounds. Very few polymaths have ever walked among us — but those who have will never be forgotten.

Aristotle. Seneca. Da Vinci. Galileo. Tesla. Curie.

Each and one of them had cultivated a unique body of knowledge that spanned across many —seemingly unconnected— subjects. They were able to synthesize a wide array of complex information and use it to solve specific problems.

They played on a whole different level.

The Polymath’s Pill is a humble step towards joining the ranks of world-class thinkers and doers. Every other week, you will receive a synthesized dose of wisdom regarding anything and everything related to human flourishing.

From philosophy to physical training; from history to current affairs; from psychoanalysis to nutrition. We will leave no stone unturned. Take The Polymath’s Pill and leave the hollow hyper-specialization of the modern individual behind.

Let’s bring the Renaissance Men & Women back to life.

Join the team

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